About Me

Who am I?
Hi, I'm Candace! I am energetic, unapologetic, analytical, inconsistent, motivated, unintentionally funny, complex, and inexplicably addicted to tacos. A proud two-time graduate of James Madison University, and Northern Virginia transplant living in Portland, Oregon. 

Why is this blog titled "Diary of an Angry Blacktina Woman"?
My blog has evolved over the years as I have grown and changed. My last blog title was "Confessions of a Tacoholic" as a funny recreation of that one movie, with a Latina twist. As I have entered my new life as a young professional, I've had many thoughts and feelings about my surrounding world. By self identifying as "angry" I am actually calling out a problematic stereotype of women of color that when they show any kind of frustration their viewpoints aren't valid. No, I'm speaking up and I'm not going to apologize for it, so welcome to my rantings and revelations as I try to digest everything that this world is making me consume. 

What is this blog for?
As you'd expect, I, like all humans, have a wide variety of thoughts and ideas. Don't expect this blog to be a one theme kind of thing, because what I write about will depend on my mood and the world I'm experiencing that day. Here's a brief idea of the things I'll blog about:
  • inspirational stories
  • food and TV reviews
  • random rantings
  • sharing deep feelings and existential thoughts
  • talking out a 20-something's insecurities
  • laughing at the small stuff in life
  • being a Blacktina
  • politics and current events
  • my past, present, and future 
  • unpacking privilege and identity

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