The dreadful "Biological Clock"

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Is anyone else tired of hearing about how our "biological clock is ticking?"

Being a woman in 2011 is stressful. Women have come such a long way in society as we are taking charge of our lives, our education, and our careers. Yah, that's great and all, but it doesn't help that even with our new found "freedom" we are still bound by our natural duty to reproduce. Ugh, talk about doing twice the work! I mean, you expect me to have a groundbreaking career AND get married and have babies?! Yeah right! I'm so sick and tired of people telling me how little time I have to find Mr. Right and create many blacktina babies.

So, you graduated from college. Congratulations! So you have your dream job. Congratulations! So you're not engaged/married/pregnant. Oooh girl, get your priorities straight. WHAT? Exactly, it's not supposed to make sense. Look ladies, getting married does not have to be #1 on your post-graduate priority list. Stop worrying about when the perfect man is going to roll up into your life and start worrying about what kind of career you're going to have and what kind of woman you want to be by the time he eventually does show up.

If you are surrounded by people who are constantly telling you that your "biological clock is ticking away" for every moment that you aren't spending prowling for eligible bachelors at every possible hang out spot, you should probably get new friends. If that's too drastic for you, then stand up for yourself as a woman in the 21st century, and remind them that you still have time for families and babies. I'm tired of feeling pressured to find Mr. Right and I know some of you are too. Don't waste your younger years worrying about men and babies, let's show the 21st century what the XX chromosomes are all about.

In the spirit of Tacos,

Things SGA taught me

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Here is a list of different things I've realized over the last few years that my involvement in the Student Government Association has taught me:

1. How to work with difficult people.
2. Bureaucratic procedures can be a nightmare, but are sometimes necessary.
3. Not everyone is going to like you. Period.
4. If you don't set your goals with a clear end goal, you won't get anything accomplished.
5. Students can make a significant impact on campus.
6. Answering questions that you aren't prepared for is a lot harder than it looks - Sorry W, I get it now.
7. Administrators may have fancy titles, but they're still just average people.
8. Finding the answer to how to motivate young people to do anything is much harder than finding the fountain of youth.
9. People would much rather go extremely out of their way to avoid a handbill, than to actually just take one and move along.
10. Campaigns don't have to be expensive if you're just smart about it. Plus, spending all that money on a campaign is entirely unnecessary.
11. Don't burn bridges. You'll need them later.
12. Not responding to your email in a timely manner is not acceptable, and causes unnecessary drama.
13. Don't date people you work with.
14. You should never be without a business card.
15. If your Facebook event doesn't have a picture, you can just forget about people attending.
16. Advertise early. REALLY early.
17. You can't rely solely on electronic communication. Get out there!
18. Networking is necessary for survival in this dog eat dog world.
19. A simple apology goes a long way.

I owe a lot of my personal growth to my experiences in the Student Government Association. It challenged me to be stronger and to push myself to the absolute limit. Even as a graduate, it continues to teach me life lessons in the working world. Thanks SGA, it was a long 7 years, but I don't regret one moment of it.

In the spirit of Tacos,