What I learned at JMU

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Here is a list of the top 50 things I learned during my four fantastic years at James Madison University:
  1. Purple & Gold is the best color combination
  2. Getting involved helped me make new friends & take on new challenges
  3. Professors are people too
  4. The tunnels aren't actually that cool (never been in them for the record)
  5. Singing the fight song on a sunny day to a group of touring prospective students CAN make a difference
  6. A sisterhood is a lifetime
  7. You can sleep in class if you just wear dark sunglasses
  8. You don't have to do things alone, people are always willing to help you out
  9. Living on Greek Row is a once in a lifetime experience
  10. It's okay to overeat at D-hall/E-hall, in fact, it's encouraged
  11. Community service opens so many doors, but the most important door is the one to your heart
  12. JMU faculty and staff truly believe in the mission of the university, and they live it every day
  13. You learn a lot about yourself when you're surrounded by a 61%-39% girl to guy ratio
  14. Get involved but don't stretch yourself too thin, you've gotta live a little too
  15. It's almost never too late to change your major
  16. Uggs and Northfaces combined with spandex is today's fashion
  17. Dr. Rose is just your average guy
  18. You can major in social media awareness (a.k.a. facebook, twitter, gmail, etc...)
  19. Procrastination on facebook/twitter is socially acceptable
  20. Getting overrides for classes aren't that hard, you've just gotta be a smooth talker
  21. Greek life is not always like what you see in the movies
  22. Party hopping is only cool when you're a freshman (or sophomore)
  23. Living off-campus is a good test of responsibility
  24. Anyone can be a leader
  25. You can never have too many pictures with Duke Dog or the J Maddy Statue
  26. Sitting out on the Quad on a sunny day is the fastest way to stress relief
  27. You can never have too many options when it comes to dining halls
  28. It's okay to belt out songs on the commons between 12pm and 1pm
  29. Working at D-hall was only fun the first year....not the other 2 years
  30. Having a cat in your apartment is not worth the $250 fine
  31. The Administration does actually care about its students
  32. Construction is a good thing, even if it's annoying
  33. Just a plain bottle of liquor is an acceptable present for birthdays, anniversaries, etc.
  34. Changing your network to "alum" is one of the hardest facebook changes you'll ever have to do
  35. It's okay to complain about a 5 page paper you have to write, even when you just spent many hours procrastinating on your paper to update your facebook, which probably equals the same amount of words
  36. No one likes a party fouler
  37. It's a Party in the SGA
  38. You can live off of Ramen and mooching
  39. You'll most likely know what the popular songs are after hearing them at a party
  40. Only true friends help you carry kegs up 3 flights of stairs
  41. It's so hard to get an on-campus job (that isn't in a dining hall)
  42. Go to your professors office hours, they will be much nicer to you and will help you out when you screw up
  43. You get your news from the very reliable sources of "The Daily Show" and "The Colbert Report"
  44. If you have a dream for a club, it's not unattainable. Just start one!
  45. Your advisors can become your best friends
  46. The Student Government Association taught me 80% of my life lessons to this day
  47. Graduating doesn't necessarily mean letting go
  48. Owning a desktop really sucks, get a laptop from day 1
  49. A bag of frozen peas won't heal a dislocated knee
And last but not least, 50. I learned that it's not hard to "Be the Change" once you've graduated from JMU...they give you all the tools you need to do it. Go out and embrace life knowing that JMU has prepared you with the knowledge, skills, and courage to make a difference in this world. I'm going to miss you JMU, more than you will ever know. But I'm never going to leave you, because you've made a mark on my heart that can't be erased.

JMU Alumna 2010
Peace & Love,

SGA, You've been good to me...

As graduation quickly approaches I've been reflecting on the biggest part of my JMU career: the Student Government Association. After the SGA Annual Banquet I had a bittersweet taste in my mouth. I feel that I accomplished almost every goal that I set for myself when it came to SGA, but I also felt that there was so much more potential for years to come.

It's hard to let it go because I've grown so fond of everything about SGA, even the parts that seem scary or difficult. Working with the media has become so much easier, and it really helped me grow in a professional way. Also, creating relationships with higher administration was scary at first, but now that I've been doing it all year I feel very accomplished and a lot more confident when presenting myself in front of a crowd of seemingly intimidating individuals. Dealing with inter-organizational conflict has been a strength that I've slowly acquired this year and I think that it will really help me in my future endeavors as I take on new challenges and work in groups of new and different types of people.

One thing that I'm especially sad is having to leave all of the close friendships I've made this year in SGA - especially from the freshmen! They have so much ahead of them and I'm 1. completely jealous but 2. extremely excited to see how they transform SGA in their own image as their college career continues.

I've put 4 good years into this organization, and it's only given me back everything I could have ever dreamed of. You were good to me SGA, I can't wait to come back as an alumna and see what new challenges you all can overcome. I have the utmost confidence in you all. Good luck!

Peace & Love,