Just My Luck

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If you haven't watched the movie "Just My Luck" by the way - don't. It stars Lindsay Lohan, enough said.

Lately I've been hit with a whole lot of luck! A few weeks ago I got a call from Sallie Mae that I won $5,000 from a sweepstakes that I forgot I had even entered and today I won a 2011 Ford Escape but I can't claim it because I'm not 28 years old, darn. I never read the entry qualifications so it doesn't surprise me, but 28? Really? I mean I've had my license for 5 years and I have a good driving record, why can't I have it? Oh well, the point is, I've been so fortunate to have all this luck lately.

....Which makes me wonder.....

Am I in for a whole lotta bad luck? *shivers* The mere thought gives me chills! To be fair though, I had a lot of bad luck in 2010 - don't get me started on all that - so maybe this is my good karma paying me back for my hard work. Sure....let's go with that! Maybe I really should start buying lottery tickets, because lord knows I could use a million dollars to pay off these student loans!

I'll keep you posted if I see a bad omen...but for now I'm going to enjoy my luck because the rent is paid thanks to it! Here I come JMU!

In the spirit of tacos,

p.s. Name the movie that picture is in and you can be my friend forever.

iPad heaven.

I've finally caved. I bought an iPad.

For many years now I've been an avid Mac hater. Unfortunately, I'm the type of person that loves doing things in spite of others, just because I like to be a devil's advocate, so as the Mac hype kept growing I just kept hatin' on it. I also believe it was all overrated - which I still do believe by the way. Everyone seems to think that my recent iPad purchase is going to turn me into a Mac-o-holic but I can assure you that's not going to happen. I love my dell and my droid way too much to move over to the dark side!
Either way, I'm rather enjoying my iPad experience. I bought it as a gift to myself for a successful year as a post-graduate. Sometimes you need to treat yourself to something you really want, when no one else will! I played around with one last week and I just loved the accessibility, the readiness of the apps, the sleek style, and so much more. What I'm most excited about is using it on campus when I go back to JMU for graduate school. I'm going to train myself to be good at typing notes on it over the summer so I can use it in my meetings. All of the top JMU admin these days are sporting their university provided iPads, so I'm totally becoming a poser as I try to be one of them. My dream is to sit with Dr. Rose in the Carrier Starbucks, playing Angry Birds with our iPads - maybe now that he's retiring he'll be much more open to the idea! I'll keep you posted ;)

So for now, I'm totally pro-iPad and I can't wait to use it for all it's worth! $350 to be exact!

In the spirit of tacos,