Just one of them days

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We all have those days. Where we just don't want to talk to people, we want to sit in our beds with our ipods in and no responsibilities. Turn off facebook, turn off gmail, turn off your cell phone, and lock your doors. 

Yup. That's the day I'm having. One of those days that I wish I didn't have to see anybody. I just want to bask in my own self-pity. We are all allowed a few of these a year. Not too many of course, because then that's just plain anti-socialism.

One of those days where you wish people wouldn't ask you, "are you okay?" Because it's one of those things that you say "yeah I'm fine" but still nobody believes you. And in reality, you are fine, you just need a day off from life. So when people ask you over and over again if you feel fine, THEN it starts to piss you off. But, we are lucky to have people that care about you, so that's the good thing. I'd rather have someone worry than nobody care. I truly love those people in my life.

So to wrap up my crappy day, here is part of a song to go along with what I'm feeling. And yes, I copied and pasted. What are you gonna do about it?

Just one of them days, that a girl goes through when im angry
Inside don't i wanna take it out on you. just one of them days don't
Take it personal i just wanna be all alone, when you think i
Treat you wrong, dont take it personal baby baby baby baby
Dont take it personal

Peace & Love, 

New to this "Blogging" thing

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So what do people really get out of blogging?  It's all I hear about these days! Is it supposed to be relaxing? Is it supposed to show a different side of you?  Are there a specific set of rules I'm supposed to follow--blogging rules?

Well, I don't like rules, so far this isn't relaxing, and I haven't disclosed anything about myself quite yet, but let's see where this leads.  

We'll start with this, I am on vacation right now, and I'm going back to the best place on earth, JMU, on Sunday! I can't wait to go back, it's the only place that feels home these days.  I feel safe there, you know?  Home feels foreign these days, especially with a crazy family. I miss my roommate, I miss my activities, heck, I even miss classes! Just not the homework of course.

That's all I got for now, but stay tuned for more disclosure.