I never liked that Geco

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I hate this stupid Geco. I never really liked Geico commercials or Gecos but now I REALLY don't like them. Why you ask? Oh maybe because Geico is the worst car insurance ever and they aren't helping me ONE BIT for my car after my crash. I just don't understand what the heck the point of car insurance is if they aren't going to INSURE you when your CAR breaks. UGH. How stupid is that? Whatever, I'm so done with Geico, I'm ready to make Flo from Progressive my new best friend. She's cuter anyway. Stupid Geco.

Peace & Love,

Crashing is nothing like the movies

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So I crashed today. WHAT A NIGHTMARE.

I was almost home and I was driving on I-495 and I was literally one or two exits away from my exit and we were in a lot of traffic. This was my first day of work at PGCTF and I had been struggling all day to stay awake due to a work product that I hadn't quite finished and I spent a lot of my night before working on it. I was so tired to the point that I basically fell asleep at the wheel, and going about 25-30 MPH I crashed into a white van in front of me. It had 2 construction workers in it, and they were unharmed and their car barely had a scratch - but not mine. My whole bumper collapsed and green juice was leaking from the car. It also disconnected the battery so all power went out immediately. I freaked out for a second because I couldn't unlock my door and I thought it was trapped, but I didn't realize that I needed to unlock my door manually, lol.

I am safe though, I only got a bruised up knee and a bruised boob (awkward). I miss my peace mobile though, I hope she's okay at the junkyard. I had to have my dad's coach come pick me up because of course this happens to me when my family is away on vacation. And my phone was completely dead and I had no idea why - I found out later that it was because phones lose battery really quickly when they are fighting to get service. I didn't have service all day in the building I was in so I guess that's what did it for me.

What a great way to start my first day of work right? Check out some damages here: http://twitpic.com/21tdbh
And now I'm off to find a new car and figure out how I'm going to make it through my first week of work with no car. BLEH.

Peace & Love,


I just wanted to take a moment to talk about this promotion I saw called 1GOAL. I noticed it when I was going Tim Howard crazy (USA Nationals Team Goalie) and I saw that he promotes this cause. Basically the 1GOAL is that everyone is educated and that we invest time in our youth. Clearly I'm a huge supporter of this cause, so I'm hoping that you will be too. Check out the website, it's a good read, seriously.

Peace & Love,

Soccer Fan since 1988

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Lately I've had a lot of haters trying to tell me things that they frankly have no clue about. Trying to tell me that "I don't know anything about soccer" or that I'm a "bandwagon fan" for supporting the USA in the 2010 World Cup. The thing is, these people don't have any idea what my soccer history is. So I'm going to lay this out for you right now, so that everything is out and in the open.

Myth #1: "I've been playing soccer for half of my life, so I should know more about soccer, what do YOU know about soccer"

Right, because I've never played soccer at all in my life. WRONG. In fact, I've been playing ever since I could move my two little baby feet. When I learned how to walk Grandpa Avalos would kick around the soccer ball with me. My favorite past time and memory as a child was the time I spent with my Grandpa playing soccer in the backyard - and this happening even before I was old enough to play on a team. Plus, I've played on house leagues, travel teams, and I was a goalie for my High School's team for 2 years. Clearly you don't know a damn thing.

Myth #2: "You are just recently a World Cup fan, I've never heard you talk about it before"

First of all, let's think, the last World Cup was in 2006, when I was still in HIGH SCHOOL, so for any of my college friends saying they've never heard me talk about it until now, WELL DUH, I didn't even KNOW YOU in 2006. Plus, where would you have heard me say it? In person? It's not like Facebook or Twitter was a big deal in 2006 - or any earlier for that matter (because it either wasn't popular or didn't exist yet) so how do you expect to know whether I talk about soccer or not. Unless you are a close friend of mine, of course I've never talked about it. And I am DEFINITELY not a recent fan - I've been watching soccer with my family since I was tiny. Sure, I didn't understand it until I played it, and sure I recently got more into the brackets and point systems because I just didn't know how to access that information like I can now (via internet, etc.) so how do you expect to have known a damn thing about my World Cup interest? This isn't just something that I enjoy, it's an Avalos tradition thank you very much.

Myth #3: "You are a bandwagon fan if you're rooting for the USA"

First of all, I despise bandwagon soccer fans - or bandwagon fans in general. I've been a fan of Germany for the longest time because my family liked their team and because I've always liked how they play soccer. And, how dare you call me a bandwagon fan for supporting the USA! I'll always support the USA because they are my HOME COUNTRY. If Guatemala was in the World Cup (they won't ever make it that far) then I'd be supporting them too. I've ALWAYS supported the USA, in anything sport related. But frankly, I just don't care about a lot of other sports, because I was raised on soccer and nothing else. If anyone is a bandwagon fan it's those people that "support Brazil because ... er...well they have 5 world cups don't they?" Now THAT's what you call a bandwagon fan. USA has always struggled in the world cup, but every year they get better and better and I continue to support them through thick and through thin. So don't even try and tell me that I'm bandwagon, when I've been a part of this fan club since I first started watching it. USA 'til I die.

Myth #4: "You don't know anything about soccer if you support a team that isn't doing too well"

WRONG. Just because I supported the USA during the entire USA vs. Ghana game EVEN WHEN THEY WERE MESSING UP, does not mean I don't know anything about soccer. Yes, I get that you can't wait until the second half to start playing. Yes, I agree that a weak defense and oversight by the goalie really hurt us in this game. Yes, I agree that they were playing very lazy in the first half. BUT, just because I love my team enough to be SUPPORTIVE of them instead of trying to bring them down with all of my negative comments, does not mean that I don't know anything about soccer. I support teams MY WAY, so I don't need you telling me how to support the USA. Yes, I was upset that they were screwing up, but I have faith in them and I will encourage them until the very last second of the game. So you go ahead and continue to be pessimistic, but frankly that's just not how I roll. Don't try to tell me that I don't know anything about soccer, you have NO IDEA.

Long story short:

I know a lot about soccer. I grew up on it and it is an Avalos tradition. Just because you personally have never heard me talk about soccer does not mean it's not important to me - you're just clearly not important to me. I think it's ridiculous that you tell someone they don't know about soccer when they are just trying to be encouraging. I've played it in some way or another for my entire life. I have never been a bandwagon fan. I'm tired of all the haters. Don't pretend like you know me. USA 'til I die.

Peace & Love,

Predictions for the Quarter Finals: World Cup

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*Predictions are in RED

Round of 16






Round of 16

[57] 02/07
[58] 02/07
[59] 03/07
[60] 03/07
[61] 06/07
[62] 07/07
[63] 10/07
[64] 11/07

Peace & Love,