Confessions of an ENFJ

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This week for one of our professional development requirements in my CSPA program we did a workshop on our Myers-Briggs personality types. For those of you that aren't familiar with Myers-Briggs, it's basically a 100 questions or so test that puts us into 4 different personality categories.

Here's an overview:
Extroverted (high energy, thinks out loud) or Introverted (thinks internally, quiet, reserved)
Sensing (structured, need hands on details) or iNtuitive (big picture, more idealistic)
Thinking (can take emotions out of situations, fair) or Feeling (in tune with human emotions, personal)
Judging (schedules, organization) or Perceiving (spontaneous, free spirited)

So after taking the test I found out that I'm an ENFJ (Extroverted, iNtuitive, Feeler, Judging)
.........................phew, now I understand myself so much more. Let me explain:

I am known to be good friends with introverts
It's funny, I always knew I was extroverted but for some reason I thought I would test as an introvert based on the way I answered some of the questions. I do enjoy my alone time often but I am still highly engaged with others around me. It does say however that E's still need alone time to escape their external worlds every now and then so that makes the most sense. Plus, I'm the type of person that does think out loud, so when posed with a question I'm more likely to respond right away than sit and let it sink in for too too long. Not to mention I do love being super connected with people all the time. Take a look at my Facebook and Twitter and that should explain it enough, hah.

Think BIG picture
In the workshop we were broken up into groups and asked to define TIME. My buddy Marcus and I were in one group and we wrote things like "priceless, never ending, not enough of it, etc." and the other group wrote things like "schedule, clocks, minutes, etc." hahaha it was interesting to see those differences. I definitely see things much more big picture. I remember in Judicial training we played that team building game where you build a structure and have a looker, a runner, a builder, etc. I was the looker and I had to describe it to the runner and at the beginning I said to him "okay let me describe it first, it's a house, with a car, and a chef" yadda yadda as I described the LEGO structure. When we were reflecting he mentioned to me that at first he was annoyed that I wasn't just telling him how to build it but the big picture ended up helping them create the structure better. I do take pride in my intuitive views on the world because I think we need more big picture thinkers to help see a larger scope of our actions.

I may have never held the sign, but I've definitely given my fair share
If you didn't know I was a feeler, I have no idea how you know me. I think out of everything in my personality, it's pretty obvious how much I use my emotions in daily life. Not only am I a cryer of EVERYTHING (especially ASPCA commercials), but I also just use crying to relieve stress and handle issues (though, I wouldn't call it "handling" the issues). Feelers also have a hard time removing themselves from a situation, so when they approach conflict they usually say "If I were them,....." which is often how I feel. It's so hard for me to remove my personal emotions in order to make an objective decision. However, it's not all a negative thing because feelers are also pretty good at sensing other people's emotions. Even if sometimes my feelings take over, I'd rather live with them than without them, that's for sure.

I'd kill to have this in my house.
No, this does not mean I'm a judger, that's what people always assume. Judging is actually talking about your level of spontaneity vs. need for organization. I really wish I were the type of person that could jump in the car and drive somewhere with no purpose whatsoever and just enjoy the ride - I can't. I'm all about schedules and organization and plans. Going on any kind of trips are incredibly stressful because I'm always worrying about what clothes to bring, do I have all my required documents, what are we going to do on this trip, how are we going to get places, and so on and so on. It can be a hindrance but overall I am very comfortable with my organized lifestyle. I absolutely cannot live without my Google Calendar because I literally would forget where I was and whether or not I needed to be there at a certain time. I'm a binders, travel plans, and organization guru, and I won't give it up for anything, except maybe one free afternoon of spontaneous adventures. Just one!

In conclusion:
I'm not 100% married to everything Myers-Briggs has to offer. The most important thing to remember is that these types of personality tools aren't meant to put people into boxes. Some days I am completely introverted in certain situations. Other days I take all the feeling out of a situation and really use my thinking skills instead. The ENFJ profile does sum up in general who I am, but I cannot be defined by a few letters and a 100 question test - neither can anyone else for that matter. However, with all that being said, it's important to know something about your personality and your peers' personalities as well so you can learn to work together. It's always good to know someone's background, ain't no harm in it!

Famous ENFJs:

Abraham Lincoln

Barack Obama

Ronald Reagan
Other famous ENFJs:
Sean Connery
Tommy Lee Jones
Oprah Winfrey
Bob Saget
Johnny Depp
Michael Jordan
Kirstie Alley
Ben Stiller
Peyton Manning
Matthew McConaughey
Ben Affleck
Diane Sawyer
Ross Perot
Abraham Maslow

To learn more about the ENFJ personality type, or any other personality type, click here.

In the spirit of Tacos,

One Angry Taco

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Coming from a family of angry jalapeño type people, it's hard to keep those emotions down.

Lately I've been struggling with my anger. I think through the stress of my daily life these days, the added pressure is causing me to me emotionally unstable at times. I feel like I just burst out with anger out of nowhere and it takes quite some time for those fumes to cool off. So I've been thinking about it and I wanted to look more into what Anger really was.

According to Wikipedia:
"Anger is an automatic response to ill treatment. It is the way a person indicates he or she will not tolerate certain types of behaviour. It is a feedback mechanism in which an unpleasant stimulus is met with an unpleasant response." 

Hmm, a "response to ill treatment." That makes sense because that's a huge trigger for me, and usually what results in my anger these days. Lately I've been feeling super defensive about a lot of personal and family issues, and I think that hostility is what has been building up inside of me. So how do I deal with it? Let's turn to Google again.

According to WebMD, I've picked out a few steps that I'm going to try to do more often:

"If you have trouble realizing when you are having angry thoughts, keep a log of when you feel angry."
I've been keeping a tweeting record of my anger spurts, but I think that might be counterproductive. I'm gonna try a notebook or notepad from now on.

"Seek out the support of others. Talk through your feelings and try to work on changing your behaviors."
This is something I've always had trouble with - reaching out to others. I'm going to try not to keep it bottled up inside and trust my friends enough to have conversations with them about what's troubling me.

"Learn how to laugh at yourself and see humor in situations." 
Lately I've been taking things way too personally. While sometimes there are valid reasons for this reaction, I need to not immediately resort to that anger and instead step back and make sure I'm not being irrationally angry.

Lesson of the day: step back, analyze situations in more depth, and laugh a little more than I already do. I'm going to work on it, I'll let you know how it's going [most likely via Twitter, let's be real here].

In the spirit of Tacos,

I survived week #1

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First week of graduate school: check!

This week was definitely tough trying to adjust to my schedule. Depending on the bus to get me around definitely affects my week, so I need to work on that. However, I really enjoyed my classes this week. History of Higher Ed is so far my favorite just because I love learning about history. It's cool how our professor talks about major historical events and shows us how higher ed was affected by them and vice versa. I'm looking forward to learning more about that. My American College Student class scares me a little, just because there's a LOT of work in that class. It's just a little intimidating. And my Student Personnel Services class seems super chill so I'm not too worried about that one. We'll see what ends up happening.

I'll keep you all posted, just checking in.
In the spirit of tacos,

Back at JMU

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This blogpost is clearly overdue since I've been in Harrisonburg since July 31st. Oh well.

Being back at JMU is exactly what I needed right now. I needed to be surrounded by people I love, I needed to be doing what I love, I needed to be in a town that I love. Everything about JMU means love to me.

When I arrived I spent a lot of time fixing up my room....and sleeping. Then at the end of the first week FINALLY some people from my program were really around to start hanging out with. I've never spent so much money in one week in my life. We were at bars and restaurants and doing other fun activities - thank god LCPS is still paying me or I would have been mega screwed. It's been so great getting to know everyone, and I've already developed a close relationship with a couple people in my CPSA cohort. I'm thinkin' we're gonna be a great support system through our difficult journey as graduate students.

I started my new job earlier this week as well. I'm the GA for Substance Education, meaning that I am responsible for teaching the Calling the Shots alcohol class while I supervise 4 Program Assistants who teach the By the Numbers class. From what I understand, the students that will be in my class have more serious charges, like they are on their second strike or they got a serious alcohol charge, etc. It's a 3 week class that meets once each week for 2 hours. Looking at the curriculum is definitely making me a little nervous just because I have to be well versed in the world of alcohol. At the same time, I'm really excited to learn about tolerance and trigger levels and many other things. I'm also looking forward to taking "field trips" with my supervisor to different stores in the area where we look at the alcohol displays to stay current with what's available in Harrisonburg. I'm also responsible for staying as current as I can in the world of alcohol and drug news, so it's fun to go searching news articles for the new fads. Tomorrow I meet my PAs and I'm super excited to get to know them and train them for their classes as well. I'm sad that my direct supervisor is leaving Judicial Affairs to move to SWO but at least she'll still be on campus so I can still see her - she's phenomenal! Totally someone I love to work with, very relaxed and hands off and super intelligent and knowledgeable about alcohol. I'll miss her!

My apartment is great too, except I'm a little sad that Muñeca refuses to go downstairs (it's a 3 story condo and I'm on the 3rd floor) because she's too afraid of my roommates kitten. Hopefully she'll get over it soon because I don't want her to feel trapped like a princess in a tower. She's doing well though, and I did a lot of decorating in the house so it feels homey. The downstairs level is sunflower themed with sunflower pillows on the couches, sunflower table cloths and accessories, even sunflower febreeze. It's that serious. In fact, I actually made the sunflower pillows and I reupholstered the couch to make it yellow just so I could keep with the theme. Here are a couple of pictures of the first level:

Kitchen/Dining Room

Living Room

So there you have it. That's basically what my life at JMU currently consists of. I'll keep you posted on what else is going on - though knowing me it'll take me another 6 months to blog so I'd just follow my Twitter if you really wanna know.

In the spirit of Tacos,

Muñeca's Story

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Meet Muñeca, my 12 year old kitty, who I love and adore with every ounce of my being.

Yesterday I was at lunch with Dan and my family, and while we were talking about a wide variety of things, the story of my kitty Muñeca came up. When I got Muñeca I was only about 10 years old so I honestly was too young for me to either remember being told this story or too young to be told because it's sad and depressing.

Earlier that year my mom got me a guinea pig, and man, I HATED that stinking thing. It would bite us, it was angry, it pooped every 2 minutes, the cage stunk and eventually got maggots in it because I didn't know how to clean it well. It was a disaster. So much for my first real pet that was all mine to take care of! Yes, I was 10, so you can't blame me too much. My grandma saw that I was struggling to take care of that guinea pig (whose name I don't even remember by the way) and she told me one day that she'd trade it to me for a kitty. I thought HELL YES I want a cat so bad, so without thinking too hard about it, I accepted the offer. A few days later grandma brings me a beautiful little baby kitten, covered in black fur from head to toe, small enough to fit comfortably in my hand. She was mine, that's all I cared about. This was SO much better than my baby dolls, I felt like I was caring for a real baby, a living and breathing creature. And so our love began....

Yesterday, however, I learned the real story about Muñeca's background. One of my grandma's friends (Adelaida) who lived in D.C. apparently became very friendly with an alley cat. The poor alley cat was pregnant but had no access to food so Adelaida started to feed her regularly. If you didn't know this already, in D.C. a lot of houses have windows with bars on them, kinda looking like jail almost. The alley cat started climbing in through the bars and would wait for Adelaida to feed her everyday. Finally one day the alley cat gave birth to a bunch of adorable kittens. Soon after the alley cat left with all of her kittens, but my poor Muñeca got STUCK in the window! Either she was too afraid of heights or too scared to leave the comfort of the window sill we will never know, but Adelaida saw the poor little kitten and told Grandma, who then asked me if I wanted to give her a new home.

Little did I know when Muñeca turned up on my door step that she was an abandoned kitten left behind by a D.C. alley cat. When my mom told me this story yesterday, now 12 years later from when that happened, I began to tear up. No wonder Muñeca is so strong, she has been through so much. I'm so thankful to God for bringing her into my life because we have made it through THE WORST. To say that she is my best friend is a huge understatement, because she means so much more to me than that. And now, here we are, in good ol' Harrisonburg, VA on our new adventure together. I just can't wait to continue sharing my life with the one creature on this earth that has always had my unconditional love. Thank you Muñeca for everything you've given me, I hope I have given you enough back.

Momma Taco

Just My Luck

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If you haven't watched the movie "Just My Luck" by the way - don't. It stars Lindsay Lohan, enough said.

Lately I've been hit with a whole lot of luck! A few weeks ago I got a call from Sallie Mae that I won $5,000 from a sweepstakes that I forgot I had even entered and today I won a 2011 Ford Escape but I can't claim it because I'm not 28 years old, darn. I never read the entry qualifications so it doesn't surprise me, but 28? Really? I mean I've had my license for 5 years and I have a good driving record, why can't I have it? Oh well, the point is, I've been so fortunate to have all this luck lately.

....Which makes me wonder.....

Am I in for a whole lotta bad luck? *shivers* The mere thought gives me chills! To be fair though, I had a lot of bad luck in 2010 - don't get me started on all that - so maybe this is my good karma paying me back for my hard work. Sure....let's go with that! Maybe I really should start buying lottery tickets, because lord knows I could use a million dollars to pay off these student loans!

I'll keep you posted if I see a bad omen...but for now I'm going to enjoy my luck because the rent is paid thanks to it! Here I come JMU!

In the spirit of tacos,

p.s. Name the movie that picture is in and you can be my friend forever.

iPad heaven.

I've finally caved. I bought an iPad.

For many years now I've been an avid Mac hater. Unfortunately, I'm the type of person that loves doing things in spite of others, just because I like to be a devil's advocate, so as the Mac hype kept growing I just kept hatin' on it. I also believe it was all overrated - which I still do believe by the way. Everyone seems to think that my recent iPad purchase is going to turn me into a Mac-o-holic but I can assure you that's not going to happen. I love my dell and my droid way too much to move over to the dark side!
Either way, I'm rather enjoying my iPad experience. I bought it as a gift to myself for a successful year as a post-graduate. Sometimes you need to treat yourself to something you really want, when no one else will! I played around with one last week and I just loved the accessibility, the readiness of the apps, the sleek style, and so much more. What I'm most excited about is using it on campus when I go back to JMU for graduate school. I'm going to train myself to be good at typing notes on it over the summer so I can use it in my meetings. All of the top JMU admin these days are sporting their university provided iPads, so I'm totally becoming a poser as I try to be one of them. My dream is to sit with Dr. Rose in the Carrier Starbucks, playing Angry Birds with our iPads - maybe now that he's retiring he'll be much more open to the idea! I'll keep you posted ;)

So for now, I'm totally pro-iPad and I can't wait to use it for all it's worth! $350 to be exact!

In the spirit of tacos,

"Beggin' on your knees"

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So I was listening to Victoria Justice's new song "Beggin' on your knees" today and it got me to thinkin'. Do guys ACTUALLY care if you try to get revenge on them?

A lot of girls have this feeling that if a guy breaks your heart, you can do something (which honestly I don't know what that is) that will get them to beg for forgiveness. Well, I don't buy it anymore. As a girl I can admit without shame that I too was once one of those girls that thought the cold shoulder or playing hard to get worked on the "men" folk. Honestly though, I can't say the success rate was all that high - maybe 63%? However, could you also argue that guys are just as good at pretending they don't care as girls are? Maybe they've outsmarted our game and can pretend even better than us! Either way, I think it's a waste of time trying to play those games.

Furthermore, I think it's time that we start talking about our feelings more instead of being so passive aggressive. Holding all that emotion inside is exhausting! I'm tired of pretending not to care or trying to send subtle messages that these boys just aren't getting. I'm trying to force myself to just be more upfront about my feelings with other people. I can't decide if completely avoiding them is just as helpful or not (probably not) but I'm also on the road of "Let's just pretend this didn't happen and move on with our lives." In general I've been a pretty big supporter of repression, and I'm not saying it works for everyone, but for me it just might. Sometimes if I repress long enough I just forget about it all together. Is this working for you?

Look, the bottom line is let's women try to stop plotting our revenge and instead be upfront with these guys that break our hearts and then forgive them and forgive yourself! This daunting feeling of holding on isn't worth our time, and frankly, the 21st century woman has way too much keeping them busy already that boy trouble is an unnecessary stress.

In the spirit of Tacos,


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1.What exactly was your James Madison experience like?

I did a lot of things when I was here at Madison. Honestly, the moment I stepped foot on campus I had already decided that I wanted to get a little taste of everything, and I spent my 4 years trying the many flavors of Madison that is through involvement, relationships, academics, and so much more. In the end however, once I figured out what flavors I liked the most, I kept going back to those. I spent a lot of my time with my Delta Gamma sisters and the Student Government Association. Taylor Hall was my 2nd home, and the Delta Gamma house was my 3rd. Looking back on my experience at JMU I can honestly say that I did most everything that I wanted to and took advantage of many opportunities, so I have no regrets at all. JMU is definitely responsible for teaching me about 80% of the life lessons so far in my 21 years, so I am forever grateful for everything I was able to learn at Madison.

2.What was it like being Student Body President your senior year in college? How has the Student Government Association shaped you as an individual and a leader?.

Being student body president was absolutely nothing like what I expected. I obviously knew that I was going to have my hands full as president, but the hardest part of the job is that you never know what is going to be thrown at you. I went into my term excited to work on X, Y, & Z only to find out that I had to unexpectedly deal with scandals A, B, C, D, & E! But, the job taught me how to be incredibly flexible and how to respond quickly and think on my feet. Between working with the media, or being put in the hot seat by administrators, I learned how to express myself in a more professional way and respond quickly to all situations. It was without a doubt the biggest challenge I've ever had, and I'm so incredibly thankful for everything that I've learned from the experience. I can honestly say that I'll take a lot of what I learned and apply it to my post-graduate life. Hopefully it will also help me in the classroom when I'm a teacher this Fall. But, aside from just the presidential position, I've grown a lot through SGA in my years at JMU and I've been able to interact with all kinds of people around campus that I never thought I would. The SGA has also given me some of the best friends I've ever had in my entire life, who share the same values that I do and who are there for the same purpose - to help students. Not only that, but it's taught me how to be a better citizen by staying informed in the political process and learning how to help others. I have a newfound interest in politics after being in the SGA and I've learned a lot about my role as a citizen of this country and this world for that matter through politics and service. Overall, SGA has given me all of the tools that I need to successfully start my post-graduate life with a good head on my shoulders and service in my heart.

3.What does being a Delta Gamma mean to you? How has the sisterhood experience changed your life?

Sororities are not like the movies - that's something I learned after joining Delta Gamma. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I was going to join a sorority in college. Honestly I didn't really understand the whole thing, so I had no desire to be a part of it because it confused me. It wasn't until sophomore year when I met a really awesome girl named Rachel who always wore her DG letters and talked about it all the time and it really intrigued me all of a sudden. I researched it and went out to informal recruitment, and my life has never been the same. It's true what they say - those who aren't in greek life can't understand it, and those in greek life can't explain it to other people. Sisters are better than friends because you share so many things together - the secrets of the chapter, the time you spend together all the time, the values you live up to. For 3 years now I've had the love and support of my chapter and it has made all the difference in my Madison experience. Not only that, but it's a great feeling to meet a DG somewhere randomly that's not in your chapter but once you see those letters you immediately know that you have a friend in her. I met an 80 year old DG at the mall right after I got initiated, and it was the most moving experience. I also sat next to a DG on a plane once and we talked about Delta Gamma the entire time and became friends. The biggest thing is that if I hadn't joined Delta Gamma I probably would have never met my best friend Alissa, and I'm thankful everyday that she's a part of my life. Delta Gamma holds a very special spot in my heart forever, LITB.

4.What is your cultural background? What is your family like?

My mother is Latina and was born in Guatemala. My biological father is African-American (but he is not a part of my immediate family). I have two little brothers who are technically my half brothers because they're father is my first step father. They're both full Guatemalan. Currently I live with my mom, grandma and grandpa, two brothers (ages 11 & 13), and my new step-dad. He has 3 daughters back in Guatemala. Yes, I have a complicated family tree, I know. But, with that being said, my family is pretty crazy but extremely loving. They put their heart and soul into everything that they do, and they have a very impressive work ethic. They have motivated me to seek out my dreams no matter how high, and that if I put my heart and soul and everything that I've got into something then I will see the results. My values were built on hard work, dedication, compassion, and true love. They motivate me everyday to be a better person, and they inspire me to grow.

5.What was your academic experience at JMU?

I will be up front and say that I did not have it easy in the classroom. I have been challenged in every single class that I've taken here at JMU, and I don't think that's a bad thing at all. Obviously, sometimes that meant that I did not get the grades I wanted, but for the most part I survived. Not only that, but my involvement definitely had an effect on my grades and sometimes my grades suffered for a few weeks at a time if I was dealing with a major issue in the SGA - but that's life and I wouldn't take it back for the world. I had the privilege to work with a lot of great professors and some of them have become my good friends. I started off as a Psychology major and I studied this subject for 3 full years. Then, the summer before senior year I had a change of heart and decided that I wanted to pursue an education in Spanish so that I could then become a teacher someday. I wouldn't have enough time to double major and what I really needed was the B.A. in Modern Foreign Languages if I wanted to pursue this career so I had to drop psychology. I might go back to it someday through a graduate program but I'm not sure just yet. In the end, I made it somehow so that's all I can really ask for. As long as I get that diploma mailed to me, I don't really care what my GPA ended up as by the end of it.

6.What would you tell a prospective student ? Why should they come to JMU?

JMU is a place where you can find yourself as an individual. It gives you the tools that you need to be successful plus the experience you need to grow as a human being. Getting involved is easy at JMU because of the inviting atmosphere and the diverse kinds of groups to join. Also we have a very happy campus, in fact, JMU is 18th in the nation for "happiest students." My mom is convinced there's something in the water. But honestly it's really just the fact that JMU offers something special for everyone, so why wouldn't you be happy? You'll find your place on campus and dedicate the next 4 years to doing just that. We are a school that prides itself on having the ability to have a great time and create great friendships while excelling in the classroom. A lot of people want to go to JMU these days, in fact, we had the most applications for the incoming class of 2013 in the entire state of VA! Yes, that does mean we beat out UVA and VT - guess we're wanted more! Sorry! James Madison is the place you want to be, because frankly, we're going places!

7.Why are you so obsessed with social media websites (Twitter, Facebook, etc.)?

Having a facebook, twitter, gmail, etc. is obviously fun and I enjoy it as a leisurely activity, but that's not all. I see social media as an important part of our generation and of the future of our population. I like researching the social and political implications of social media, as well as learn how it keeps changing and the impact it's having on our society. It's really interesting! I'm a social psychology nerd, so this is something that fascinates me because it influences our culture in so many ways and I think it's important that we pay attention to it for sure. But besides all of that, I like it because it helps me connect with all of my friends. I don't care what people say, I've never had closer relationships with people than I have had as a result of social media. I'm the type of person that isn't really good at connecting with people, and because of that I kind of kept to myself in high school, but when I came to JMU and started investing in social media, I made very close relationships! I met some of my best friends on facebook, through a simple friend request. I think I want to later in life find a career as a Social Media Executive somewhere, honestly. With that said, follow me! @candacethetaco

8.What are you most passionate about?

I'm passionate about a few things. I'm passionate about education, specifically with teenagers. I think that we need to invest more time in educating our students because that's how we will create a better future for our country. I'm also very passionate about the Latino community. I am a proud Latina American and I come from a family of hard working immigrants that made a difference in their lives by creating a future for themselves in the United States. Obviously, because of this, I am very passionate about the immigrant population and learning more about them and policies and culture, etc. And just in general, I'm a passionate person because I like to put my whole heart and soul into everything that I do.

9.Who inspires you?

My main source of inspiration definitely comes from my family, and in particular my Grandpa, my Grandma, and my Mom. I would not be where I am right now if it weren't for my Grandfather's bravery and dedication to our family. He was going through a lot of pain in his personal life and he got a VISA and traveled to the USA to start a new life for the Avalos family. After a few years he brought my mom and grandma over to the states and started his legacy. He is a strong individual who worked hard for every single thing that he has and has a strong set of morals and values that have gotten him through it all. He inspires me everyday. My Grandma worked really hard as well in all kinds of jobs to support the family. When she came to the states she got pregnant with my aunt and it was very hard for her to raise 2 children in a country that she was not familiar with. She has always shown love and compassion for everyone and everything and she is the backbone of the foundation for our family. Also, my mother worked just as hard to get to where she is right now. She came to the states as a 5 year old and obviously had to adapt to the country like my grandparents, but growing up as an immigrant is a lot harder because not only are you already trying to find your identity as a person, you're trying to find it in an unfamiliar setting. While she hit many bumps on the road and got pregnant with me in her first year of college and fell into some bad marriages/relationships, she is a self-made woman who climbed her way to the top and she keeps on climbing everyday to provide for us as a family. These 3 individuals are my inspiration every single day to become a better human being - and I can't thank them enough.

10.Why do you like peace signs so much?

I'm the kind of person that goes through phases in my life. I went through an emo phase, a gangsta phase, a skulls and camouflage phase (that was freshman year of college). But, sophomore year in college I started to learn more about peace and what it meant. I researched a lot of things on peace, and learned about how people approached it and how it's changed people. It has become one of the things that I truly am passionate about. I think it has a special meaning for me because for me it signifies inner peace. Being peaceful with who I am as a person and trying to exude peace whenever possible in my life. Luckily, right around the same time I began to explore this and really take it to heart, it started becoming a fad - which meant I could find peace paraphernalia wherever I went! Sure, some people may only like peace because it's a fad, but that's okay with me. I know what it really means to me and how it personally affects my life so I embrace that. I wear my peace ring every single day, and my grandparents got me a peace bracelet handmade by a friend of ours in Guatemala - I now wear that everyday too. Everyone knows me as the "peace girl" and I'm definitely okay with that!

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New eyeshadow shade: confidence

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I'm trying this new shade of eyeshadow these days - it's called confidence. Have you heard of it?

I've never been the girl that likes to wear makeup. I remember back in 6th grade when I was peer pressured to want to wear makeup, and of course since my mom wouldn't let me wear it I wanted to wear it even more. Then one day I saw a picture of myself in the makeup and I freaked out because I felt like I looked like a total clown with it on. It wasn't until college that I started wearing it again. In fact, I started wearing it because I worked in an office the summer before my junior year, and my mom told me it was "unprofessional" to show up to work without makeup.

Ever since then I've tried experimenting with makeup. I've thought about it a lot and I have thought out loud to myself, "why do I want to wear makeup so bad these days?" After much thought, I realized that when I wear makeup I do feel a little more confident. Obviously I'm not talking about looking like Snooki with her dark eyes and fake lashes, but I mean just a gentle, bronze glow look.

In the fall when I start my new job, I know I'm going to have to dress business casual (just like I do here at DHS) and I want to match a well done face with a well done outfit. I've always been sort of against makeup because it made me look too much older, but it's finally time for me to accept the fact that I'm 22 going on 23, and I need to look the part. So Mary Kay, do me up girl because I wanna be fabulous when I step back on that campus!

In the spirit of Tacos,

The dreadful "Biological Clock"

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Is anyone else tired of hearing about how our "biological clock is ticking?"

Being a woman in 2011 is stressful. Women have come such a long way in society as we are taking charge of our lives, our education, and our careers. Yah, that's great and all, but it doesn't help that even with our new found "freedom" we are still bound by our natural duty to reproduce. Ugh, talk about doing twice the work! I mean, you expect me to have a groundbreaking career AND get married and have babies?! Yeah right! I'm so sick and tired of people telling me how little time I have to find Mr. Right and create many blacktina babies.

So, you graduated from college. Congratulations! So you have your dream job. Congratulations! So you're not engaged/married/pregnant. Oooh girl, get your priorities straight. WHAT? Exactly, it's not supposed to make sense. Look ladies, getting married does not have to be #1 on your post-graduate priority list. Stop worrying about when the perfect man is going to roll up into your life and start worrying about what kind of career you're going to have and what kind of woman you want to be by the time he eventually does show up.

If you are surrounded by people who are constantly telling you that your "biological clock is ticking away" for every moment that you aren't spending prowling for eligible bachelors at every possible hang out spot, you should probably get new friends. If that's too drastic for you, then stand up for yourself as a woman in the 21st century, and remind them that you still have time for families and babies. I'm tired of feeling pressured to find Mr. Right and I know some of you are too. Don't waste your younger years worrying about men and babies, let's show the 21st century what the XX chromosomes are all about.

In the spirit of Tacos,

Things SGA taught me

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Here is a list of different things I've realized over the last few years that my involvement in the Student Government Association has taught me:

1. How to work with difficult people.
2. Bureaucratic procedures can be a nightmare, but are sometimes necessary.
3. Not everyone is going to like you. Period.
4. If you don't set your goals with a clear end goal, you won't get anything accomplished.
5. Students can make a significant impact on campus.
6. Answering questions that you aren't prepared for is a lot harder than it looks - Sorry W, I get it now.
7. Administrators may have fancy titles, but they're still just average people.
8. Finding the answer to how to motivate young people to do anything is much harder than finding the fountain of youth.
9. People would much rather go extremely out of their way to avoid a handbill, than to actually just take one and move along.
10. Campaigns don't have to be expensive if you're just smart about it. Plus, spending all that money on a campaign is entirely unnecessary.
11. Don't burn bridges. You'll need them later.
12. Not responding to your email in a timely manner is not acceptable, and causes unnecessary drama.
13. Don't date people you work with.
14. You should never be without a business card.
15. If your Facebook event doesn't have a picture, you can just forget about people attending.
16. Advertise early. REALLY early.
17. You can't rely solely on electronic communication. Get out there!
18. Networking is necessary for survival in this dog eat dog world.
19. A simple apology goes a long way.

I owe a lot of my personal growth to my experiences in the Student Government Association. It challenged me to be stronger and to push myself to the absolute limit. Even as a graduate, it continues to teach me life lessons in the working world. Thanks SGA, it was a long 7 years, but I don't regret one moment of it.

In the spirit of Tacos,

Soon to be Double Duke

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You're looking at a new JMU Class of 2013 College Student Personnel Administration graduate student!

After many months of thought and preparation, applications and interviews, and nervousness, I have finally been accepted James Madison University's Graduate School. I will be completely honest, I had several doubts that this day would ever come. My college GPA wasn't too stellar due to my overindulgence in extracurricular activities, so I didn't really think I was graduate school material. Thank god I was wrong.

Now that I'm about to embark on a whole new journey, I'm frantically trying to re-set up my life again. It feels like I'm a college senior preparing for JMU all over again. However this time I feel much more prepared, I'm not worried about not knowing my surroundings, and I am fully confident that I'm pursuing a career that I truly want to be in. It's about time! While I was never one to switch my major often, I did always daydream about all the possible career paths I could take in life. After much research, I've decided that higher ed and student affairs is definitely my calling in life.

Many people have asked me if I'm going to pursue teaching as a career after my master's program is over, and the truth is that I don't know yet. Over the past year I've had an incredible experience getting to learn and get my feet wet in the field of education. I'm considering my master's program yet another opportunity to do the same, but in higher education. I think after these 2 years are over, I'll decide where I officially feel the most comfortable. I've been thinking about it for the last few weeks and I think this may be the beginning of the rest of my life in the sense that I won't want to go back to anything else. Only time will tell.

So now the madness begins. Time to find an apartment, fill out FAFSA forms, organize my bills, work my tail off and save money, and much more. In the end, it all doesn't matter because the only thing that does matter is my much awaited return to THE James Madison University. Go dukes!

In the spirit of tacos,

Music taught me how to live

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Lady Gaga taught me it's okay to be different.

Ke$ha taught me to be myself and not care what anyone else thinks.

Bruno Mars taught me to do anything for that one person I love.

Eminem taught me that life is hard but you can make it through.

Taylor Swift taught me not every guy/girl is going to treat me right.

...Michael Jackson taught me to always love the people around me.

Music taught me how to live. ♥

Enough said.

In the spirit of tacos,

New Year, New Taco

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It's time for a new blog title.

I've been thinking about this for some time and I have decided that "Peace signs are a way of life" doesn't really describe the kind of person that I am anymore. I am still all about peace and love, but I think I've moved on to something deeper.

Now, I know at first glance, my new title "Confessions of a Tacoholic" doesn't sound very deep, but really there's more to it than the face value of the title implies. I got my nickname "taco" back in 10th grade because I am half Hispanic. At first I was a little offended because I didn't like that being Hispanic automatically associated me with tacos, especially since I'm from Guatemala and we don't eat tacos very much at all. Now if they had called me pache or tortilla, that would have been much more accurate. Anyway the point is that I've embraced this title as a way to show my latina pride. Over the years I've grown to know who I am as a person and I am grown to love my heritage. Now, I feel that my blog should reflect the new me, the new person that I feel like inside. Yes, I'll still be blogging about generally the same things, and now with my new title I won't feel pressured to only talk about peace and love, because frankly I've run out of things to say!

Confessions of a Tacoholic - welcome to my daily confessions of what it's like to be a "taco" in this world from my crazy latina mother problems to struggling with self identity to empowering others to just straight up telling jokes George Lopez style. This is where you get to see the real Candace Avalos.

In the spirit of Tacos,